Our Process

Featuring over 3500 direct contacts in every genre in a multitude of territories; we send out a monthly HOT list of singles for music directors to explore and download privately for public broadcast.

Stand out tracks get featured in our
Hot-Trax.Com Radio Show!

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Affordable Delivery

We understand the cost of radio delivery and strive to keep our prices affordable, benefiting musicians.

Hot-Trax.Com is the radio division of Big Fuss Records LLC. The Company has been positively received by many radio programmers and music directors around the world. Our unique and very own Hot-Trax.Com Radio Hour features the best new HOT-TRAX on the planet! The Show has garnered a wealth of positive World Wide attention.


At Hot-Trax.com we strive to always THINK SMART and be the best.

Great customer service is our first priority.

Hot-Trax.Com distributes digital music to radio.

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