Hot-Trax Servicing

Hot-Trax Territories
December 13, 2016

Hot-Trax.Com is the Radio Division of Big Fuss Records LLC.

If you are a Big Fuss Records artist with a distribution agreement, the Hot-Trax service is free and no charge to you.  This includes our Artists To Watch members. 

If you are not a Big Fuss Records artist, the rate for a Single is $99.00 per year.  This includes hosting and referral to music directors. The standard rate for a complete CD for one year is $299.00. This also includes one year of hosting and referral of up to four singles delivered one every quarter.

What that buys you:

  1. Your private password protected, Hot-Trax digital page where you may direct and send music directors to download any or all of your songs.
  2. An email blast to our subscriber list of radio stations around the world that will air your music. (If  you are subscribing an album, this is a unique promo of a different song from your album quarterly that sends with other select Hot-Trax artists.)  If you are submitting a single we email blast your single and then remind MD’s monthly of your listing.
  3. Any referrals or requests for CDs forwarded to you.
  4. Moderate tracking and follow up included with other featured artists.

Please contact us if you have any  questions. 
We accept credit card payments. Paypal is welcome.
We are committed to keeping fee’s as low as we possible in order to best assist artists in placing their music.

We do not accept all music and your song or album must be reviewed and accepted prior to participating.